Have you just finished a great weight training and you do not know if you should eat after or not? And above all, you do not know what to eat after training? This article is for you and I will explain that you must eat and especially eat after training!

Indeed, it is important to know that post training diet is an essential aspect of your progression. Whether your goal is weight loss, fat loss or muscle building, it’s more than important for you to consume a post-training snack.

To know what to eat after training, you must already understand how your body works during and after training to understand what to eat after training. But, to understand it properly, it is necessary to approach a certain number of rather complex and scientific notions. So I will give you a very simplified explanation or vulgarized so that it is understandable! I would not do you a course on glycogen or catabolism, but if you’re interested, many bodybuilding sites explain these concepts much more thoroughly. The purpose of this article is simply to explain how our body works so that you become aware of the importance of diet after training!

For simplicity, during training, you “spoil” your muscles that rebuild after exercise. This is the recovery phase. That’s why we often say that muscles are built during rest! Well, only if you made them work of course lol. If you are just resting, you will not have developed muscles that goes without saying … In addition to this, during the training, you use a lot of energy (in any case if you work hard!) or glycogen .

So, after an intense effort, if you want to help your muscle recover and therefore rebuild to get the best results possible, it is very important to give them the nutrients necessary for their good reconstruction in the moments that follow your training! We often talk about “anabolic window” to talk about this very important period just after the training. If this is sometimes debated in the field of bodybuilding, including the importance or not of carbohydrates after training, everyone agrees on the importance of eating right after.


So in general we consider that we must eat within 30 minutes to 1H after training . Either you train just before a meal and in these cases, your balanced meal will suffice (see my article how to lose weight to see how to compose your meals). On the other hand, if you do not have a meal right after the training, you will have to add a post-training snack. So I’ll explain that eating after training


Everyone agrees on the importance of consuming a dose of protein (about 25g of pure protein evening) just after training. As I explained in my article all about protein powder, you can choose to consume your protein in powder form or via the conventional diet. It’s pretty much the same thing for your body. The protein powder will be absorbed faster so it can really be against a very interesting right after training. Proteins act on muscle reconstruction, so they reinforce the “repair” of your damaged muscles during training! In short, if you are looking to build a tonic body, do not forget to consume a portion of protein just after your workout.

Regarding carbohydrates now, consuming carbohydrates directly after training makes more debate . But, unless you have eaten carbohydrates just before or during your workout, which is quite rare among novice practitioners, I urge you to consume a portion of fast-to-average or low-glycemic carbohydrates. This will allow your body to recover and restore your energy reserves after this intense effort. Now, if you are looking to lose weight, this is not an obligation either but remember that not taking it will also limit your recovery and muscle gain. And yes, you can not lose weight and gain muscle at the same time, sometimes you have to choose lol

You can also add a small portion of good lipids that will help you recover energy and promote your weight loss, in addition to bringing lots of good nutrients to your body.

So, in summary:

  • If you eat a real meal within the hour after your workout: No snack!
  • If you had a snack just before your workout and you do not eat within the hour: Protein option
  • If you have not had a snack and you are not eating within the hour: complete option

And of course, in any case, we drink a lot of water to rehydrate the body!