How to achieve your goals?  I give you my 8 tips to achieve your goals Before

So I decided to make a little article inspired by one of my posts Instagram to give you the outline to stay motivated. Because, contrary to what many people seem to think, motivation is not a gift that some have when others do not have it. Motivation is like everything, it works, it is maintained, it is won! Because if we often have the motivation at the beginning (good resolutions, the approaching beach, too much sarcasm on the part of one of your acquaintances, etc.), the most difficult will be to manage to keep it in the long run.

Because change is a work in the background, it’s a marathon, not a sprint  !! Work, children, long days, fatigue, invitations to dinner or a drink, the pot of Nutella in the closet that makes you an eye, all these factors and the little voice that goes with it, are going to have tendency to use your will and move away from your goals. The only solution is to make sure that your desire to succeed, your need to change, remain stronger than all these temptations.

Beyond the management of your diet and your sport (2 important keys to obtain your results), your state of mind and your motivation are finally more important. Because without this motivation, you will never hold in time your sports sessions or your food plan, and without duration, no results.

To stay motivated, it will be necessary to set up a certain number of actions, to act on certain behaviors and factors of which only you have the keys !! In the same way that it is you who cooks, you who train, it is also you who prepare your state of mind to succeed and especially to hold on. So I’m giving you a short list of things that I think are important to master.

1) Be determined

The course is long and it is strewn with pitfalls (you have probably already met). I would never tell you that it is a part of pleasure and that everything happens in the joy and the permanent facility. There will be difficulties, be aware of it and accept it, they will be easier to live with. And when these difficulties come, only your determination to continue when all the signals tell you to let go of the deal will make the difference. It’s up to you to decide that you are stronger than these signals.

2) Divide your goal into several small goals to last

No seasoned mountaineer decides to tackle Everest at one time. Moreover if we look at Everest in its entirety, the test seems impassable, just thinking about it is tired and we just want to give up. Besides, since it’s impossible who can blame you?

It is therefore absolutely necessary to see things differently, to approach the problem from another angle. The mountaineer stops at steps, steps, and each landing crosses the approach to the summit. Each step is feasible without problems, so focusing on these steps focuses on an achievable, therefore motivating goal. Go ahead step by step, you will cross the landing without even realizing it!emma mme greedy

3) Eliminate negative habits

We all have bad habits that we cling to because they are part of our routine. We must find a positive alternative by which to replace it. Example: the nibbling at night why not take 1 hour to make a manicure, you put a mask and drink a good tea story to think of something else positive?