Monument Valley Game

Monument Valley  was created by the studio Ustwo , already at the origin of the mobile game  Whale Trail which had a great success. But psychedelic whales flying on a rainbow background have given way to the discreet and dreamlike heroine we embody in a colorful world, beautiful and geometrically … impossible.

The  gameplay is very simple: you tap a dot on the screen and the princess goes there. With a movement of the finger, we rotate the scenery, we lift a piece of wall, we slide a monument … and we quickly realize that what we see is not necessarily what is.

What makes Monument Valley unique is this impossible geometry, at the heart of both the  gameplay and the scenario, which is reminiscent of MC Escher’s work. We are therefore forced to make his imagination run, not to take the scenery for granted: a platform that seems inaccessible may be only two steps away, provided that the right element is rotated, just like a staircase. upside down is only an effort … forget the gravity.

Monument Valley works on the principle of  puzzle games : each level offers a geometric puzzle to solve to access the following scenery and move forward in history. The puzzles become more and more complex and the plot unfolds as and when the heroine, the little dumb princess who comes out a thousand wonders of his hat pointed.

An incredible trip

The real problem of  Monument Valley is its very short life, especially in parallel with its price of $ 3.99 (about 3 €). The game is divided into ten small chapters; even breaking a little head on geometric puzzles, difficult to spend more than one hour …

It’s a will of the team:  Monument Valley is not designed as a long game, nor as a game that can be replayed several times by discovering new things, since it is extremely linear. Ken Jeong, chief designer, told  The Verge :

”  We did not think of  Monument Valley as a long, endless game, but rather as an experience similar to a movie show or an afternoon spent at the museum . “

If you want to know more about the making of the game, the studio has also released a nice video ” behind the scenes “!

Even me, who is a little bit nil in video games and especially when it comes to logic and puzzles, I finished  Monument Valley in an hour and a half, finding myself quite devoid of this small application icon that I n ‘will probably never open again …

That said, Monument Valley  has the merit of being a true UFO in the world of video games on mobile: let’s hope that its success inspires other studios, other creators, to get out of the arcade games a little concerns and offer more of artistic diversity in this sector! In the meantime, I go back to the space on  Out There … but I advise you anyway, if you can afford it, to pay a few euros to discover the fate of the little princess bicolor lost in this strange world.