How to make money online with affiliate marketing?

In fact the principle is very simple:

You choose a product distributed by a company that offers a partner or affiliate program.

You are enrolling in this program.

You receive a link.

You promote the product to your community.

At each sale, you receive a commission defined beforehand by your partner.

Do you want me to detail a little ?!

Product choice:

we often forget, Amazon offers such a service. All products sold on the site that come from one of your links can earn a commission: The web’s most popular and successful Affiliate Program

Promote a product:

There, plenty of choices available to you. At the platform level, you can create a Youtube channel, create a blog, directly from social networks … For example, I offer free training to learn how to create an online business. In this training, I show how to do from A to Z.

My training lasts more than 6 hours for those who want to discover everything and it is free! My remuneration is done with the links that there is in this training to buy certain products. If you want to take a look: Create an Online Business – Like a Beaver

My advice :

Always indicate that your link is an affiliate link (it’s the law)

Only recommend products that you have tested and that you particularly like. First, because your sales pitch will be more realistic. But mainly because you will have commissions only if people follow you, if you create a community that is interested in your advice. The hardest part of this job is creating your community. So propose a rotten product, disappoint your community and your business will take a big hit!

Do not sell everything and anything. Again, your sales will be tied to your community. To create your community, you have to choose a theme or a domain that you master, that you like. I do not recommend one day boast the merits of knitting needles and the day after a chainsaw. How to bring these two worlds together? If you get there, contact me, I’ll have 2 or 3 things to sell you. 😉

I hope I have helped you and Good project!