Good carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, it’s all well and good. But concretely what to eat after training? I will therefore offer 3 types of snacks to help you eat well after training with, each time, a simply protein option or a complete option!


And yes, anyone who is interested in fitness or bodybuilding has already seen the famous protein powder or whey in general ( for more information on protein powder). it is here ). It is practical, economical and very quick to assimilate for your organization. The top what! Personally, I choose the protein Women’s Best , which is of very good quality in terms of composition and for girls, the girly packaging is often reassuring unlike the more masculine brands with super bal├Ęze in photo that let you think that you will become Musclor lol .

Personally, when I’m not at home right after training I always choose the option Shaker because very convenient to carry especially with the current high heat … I recommend the taste cookie and cream that is just delicious, which, let’s honest, is quite rare with lol supplements How many chocolate junkies have darkened on a chocolate-flavored protein hoping for a delicious milkshake and ultimately ended up with a disappointing flavor? And always rinse your shaker right after finishing it otherwise … the smell will be foul (like milk that has been out of date for a long time)

Protein option:

1 dose of protein powder Women’s Best  Whey or Vegan according to your taste, mixed with 300ml of water (to adapt to your tastes)

Macros  : 119 kcal / 1.9g of carbohydrates / 1.7g of fat / 24g of protein

complete option:

1 dose of Women’s Best Slim Body Shake  (2 spoons)

Macros  : 200 cal / 15g of carbohydrates / 4g of fat / 23g of protein

And as with the return of holidays and back to prepare, we do not necessarily have a lot of budget, do not hesitate to use my promo code to have 10% discount: EMMA10 on the website Women’s Best


For the addicts of salty, nothing better than 100 gr of turkey ham or dried beef to eat after training. You can of course if you wish, accompany with one or two cakes of rice, wasa or whole bread. It’s simple, efficient and requires very little preparation!

Protein option: 100 gr of turkey ham

Macros  : 104 kcal / 4 g carbohydrates / 1.6g fat / 17g protein

Complete option:

Ingredients: 1 slice of fresh bread 40g / 1 fresh square 0% / 1 slice of ham

Macros  : 158 kcal / 17g of carbohydrates / 1g of fat / 17g of protein


For gourmands and fans of sweet, I suggest you to take 150 gr of 0% white cheese to which you add if you wish a handful of dried fruits or a fairly high glycemic index fruit (banana, apricot, mango, etc.).

Protein option: 200 g of cottage cheese 0%

Macros  : 49 kcal / 8.8g of carbohydrate / 0g of fat / 15.4g of protein

Complete option: Verrine fromage blanc walnuts and berries

Ingredients:  150g of white cheese 0% / 50g of red fruits / 10g of nuts

Macros: 154 kcal / 12g of carbohydrates / 6g of fat / 16g of protein

That’s it, you now know the main lines to know what to eat after training! You have the choice between several recipes for all tastes, in short you will have no excuse to eat well and put the odds on your side! You’ll also find plenty of other snack recipes in my recipe ebooks that are as good for the line as they are for morale, which also contain recipes for the whole day and not just for snacks!